Once Liferay is dployed, you can perform some changes in portal.properties. I suggest to follow Liferay instruction to create a new file called liferay-ext.properties

I did create such a file in my svn release; So when updating my svn source depository my parameters remain (folder lportal/portal-impl/classes/portal-ext.properties).

The main change I suggest is regarding autodeploy, set auto.deploy.unpack.war=false
The other changes are performed in Liferay. So connect to liferay using your admin user (test@liferay.com) and go to "My Community" and select "Private Pages".
Look for "Plugin Installer" and if not present add it (Add Content). Go to Configuration Tab and make the following changes:
Deploy Directory = point to your /liferay/deploy dir
Destination Directory = Glassfish.home.dir/domains/domain1/autodeploy
Save and you're done. You can now deploy plugin (portlet) within Liferay.

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  1. PremKumar // 7:55 AM  

    Hi Stef,
    This comment is with respect to this blog of yours on glassfish integration with Pentaho. I tried the steps mentioned, but seems like some of the information metioned is obsolete. I would be more than glad if you can post an updated version of this blog. I am planning to automate the whole process. Hence your information is very valuable to me.

  2. ami // 10:54 AM  

    Hi Stef,

    I have tried the all steps, but the problem is that my war is not unpacked :(
    I used the source to deploy the war and I had changed the nested files.
    Now Liferay is working on glassfish but I can't use hot deploy plugin and also I can't use any thing.

    Can you help me

  3. Stef // 7:24 PM  

    Well make sure that your portal.properties does not override the location for hotdeploy.

    1. Check that you have a /liferay/home/deploy dir with read/write permission for the user running glassfish

    2. Check that you are pointing to this dir and that you have proper folder in YOUR_GLASSFISH_SERVER_PATH/domains/domain1/autodeploy

    Other variable are not interesting. Make also sure that Xerces jar are in your Glassfish or domain lib in order to make sure everything is properly deployed.

  4. ouertani // 10:29 AM  

    Thanks stef,

    In fact hotdeploy is working!!! but I get exception for JSF exemple (JSP example is working).
    Should I add some libs, and were ?