Liferay 4.1 under Glassfish

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Well, LF 4.1 is not as easy as 4.0 but you can enjoyed it under Glassfish too. Here is what you have to do in addition to what is required for 4.0 to work under Glassfish:

1. Recommendation: use the SVN one since you will need some jar to be placed in some specific folders. These jar do not seem to be any longer within the .ear file provided by Liferay.

2. I assume you have successfully built your .ear from source so you have all the jars at the same.

3. Copy into ${app.server.dir}/domain/domain1/lib the two following jars:

  • portlet.jar (under lib/global/)
  • portal-kernel.jar (under portal-kernel/)
4. start or restart Glassfish

5. go to http://localhost:8080/ and just enjoy Liferay 4.1

For memory: LF4.0 with Glassfish how-to is here

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  1. galost // 11:20 PM  

    I have installed Liferay 4.1 under Glassfish, but JSF portlets seem not to work.
    Have you tried to hot deploy sample-jsf-sun-portlet-4.1.0 from LF site ?

  2. sud // 12:55 AM  

    I'm trying to get Liferay 4.1.1 up and running on Glassfish v2 b13 (milestone 1 build).

    At the point where I'm to deploy the ear file using the admin console I get the following error message.

    Error loading deployment descriptors for module [portal] Line 155 Column 11 -- Deployment descriptor file WEB-INF/web.xml in archive [tunnel-web.war]. The content of element type "web-app" must match "(icon?,display-name?,description?,distributable?,context-param*,filter*,filter-mapping*,listener*,servlet*,servlet-mapping*,session-config?,mime-mapping*,welcome-file-list?,error-page*,taglib*,resource-env-ref*,resource-ref*,security-constraint*,login-config?,security-role*,env-entry*,ejb-ref*,ejb-local-ref*)".

    Was wondering if anyone else came across this. I'm using the download verions of the ear file and not the svn. I did make sure to follow all steps outlined in Part I and Part II of installing Liferay on Glassfish

  3. Stef // 1:25 PM  

    Regarding hot deployment of JSF portlet. I made a try and it's working.
    See the topic hot deployment on this blog to find out changes to be made in some files to support hot deployments.

  4. Thomas Edwin Santosa // 7:23 PM  

    For 4.2, you will need additional jars in your domain/lib which are not copied by 'ant deploy':
    1. commons-logging.jar
    2. jndi.jar