MMBase 1.8.1 on Glassfish

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For those who don't know mmbase, it's a CMS: Content Management Server or System.
Using is quite easy and different from portal like Liferay or Stringbeans eventhough they are developping a new release supporting portlet...

Let's come back to our issue: installing mmbae on Glassfish.

During the week end I upgraded to glassfish v1 ur1 b04. And before going further I can report that Liferay 4.0 and Pentaho 1.2RC1 are working properly under this update of Glassfish.


1. Download source from their web site (
2. Unzip the source in your dev folder and make sure you have ant 1.6.5 + JDK 1.5
3. I ran ant war directly but you can A) run ant -projecthelp to list all options and B) do some changes in the config file to fit your environement (specially databse support)
4. Wait (during the compilation you need an Internet connexion to download external .jar files)
5. Just go to build dir and look at the mmbase.war file
6. Start Glassfish if not already running
7. Load the freshly created mmbase.war file and just go to http://localhost:8080/mmbase
8. Enjoy
9. Work by yourself to have your prod or test environment set-up.


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