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For those who did not follow all the step there is also a step-by-step guide to install and use Liferay portal on Glassfish:

Part I: deals with Glassfish installation
Part II: covers Galssfish configuration in order to support Liferay portal
Part III: the big picture, or final step: having Liferay running on Glassfish and enjoying it.

5 commentaires

  1. Juan // 4:06 AM  

    Hi Stef, we have done some work integrating Liferay and Pentaho.
    By now liferay loads Pentaho portlets but we still have a few issues to handle with. The first one (and the most important for us) is using the reporting portlet.

    The sequence is: thet firs step is to load the report parameters page inside the portlet, while the second step is to execute the report according to those parameters.

    First page (parameters) works just fine, but when we clic at the "execute" (update) button it does not load the report either inside the portlet or in a new window, but opens liferay with parameters page inside the reporting portlet.

    Have you deal something like this? If you want, we can share our work... let us know.

  2. Stef // 1:22 AM  

    To be honest Liferay and Pentaho are not linked yet on my side.

    Why not collaborating on this. I take it as a summer homework since I'm going to be in portugal for a couple of weeks.

  3. Alessio A. // 11:22 AM  

    Hi juan,
    i need to integrate pentaho portlet on liferay and having some problems...
    Could you share your experience about it??
    Thank you very much..
    Best regards
    Alessio A.

  4. Alessio A. // 11:22 AM  
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  5. Sazzad // 1:50 PM  

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