This first part covers Glassfish installation and required configuration and files to have Liferay running on it.

So first go to and download V1 UR1 Build 03 30-June-06 or later. Do not try the v2 for the moment since it is a development release, not a stable one.

Once downloaded just install it as described (java -Xmx256m -jar jarfilename.jar)
DO NOT FORGET TO RUN ant -f setup in your glassfish dir.

Once done you have to drop in your Glassfish lib dir (the one located in /AppServer/lib/) several jar files:

  • JDBC driver (in my case mysql connector (I'm using MYSQL 5.0 under XP Pro and decided to used 3.1.13 connecteor)
  • liferay-portal-jaas-4.0.0.jar You can download it from Liferay and is required for Glassfish (
Take profit from this time to make some changes to the following configuration files:
  • /AppServer/domains/domain1/server1/config/login.conf
    Add the following lines:
    PortalRealm { required;
  • Modifying /AppServer/domains/domain1/server1/config/server.policy does not seem to be necessary for the current release of Glassfish.
You can now move to part II: Configuring Glassfish for Liferay

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  1. Moonlighter // 7:01 PM  

    I guess the second part is not yet written. Awaiting the second part

  2. Stef // 1:26 AM  

    Yes, due to WorldCup I had to stop writing...
    Will resume tomorrow for part II and III.
    I'm likely to add more details and screenshots during the week end.